Session 10 Bonus Problem

Turn TOJ.m into a proper experiment program, with the following characteristics:
    • -20% chance of SOA = -4
    • -20% chance of SOA = -2
    • -30% chance of SOA = -1
    • -30% chance of SOA = 0
  1. For each SOA condition, there must be an equal number of first_left, first_right dot conditions. The experiment should have at least 5 trials per SOA x Dot_First condition. The data should be saved in one file, with the following information:
    • Subject number, Trial number, SOA condition, Dot_First condition, response, confidence.
    • A header at the top of the file with the name of each column should be included.
  2. Challenge Problem: Add a condition where a brief cue is presented 50 ms prior to the first dot, with no location validity.
  3. Challenge Problem: Observers use the mouse and click on the relevant box. And record that response and highlight the box.