Session 8 Bonus Problem

  1. Write a program, slow_RSVP.m, that:
    • Asks the user for their name.
    • Waits 2 second.
    • Writes the user name at fixation, one letter at a time, at a speed of about 1000 ms per letter.
    • Waits for user keypress before exiting.
  2. Challenge Problem: Write a program, Enthusiastic.m, that:
    • Asks the user for their name.
    • Writes ['Hello ' username] with white letters on a black Screen.
    • Prints this message 5 times at random locations in the Screen, making sure each time the entire message fits inside the Screen. ('TextBounds'!!)
    • Program waits 1 second between each time it prints the message. (WaitSecs)
  3. Challenge Problem: Change this program, fast_RSVP_rb.m so that:
    • Each letter is presented for about 100ms.
    • When the input is a word longer than four characters, the second letter in the name is repeated in the fourth location of the name. (Ex: Alejo becomes Aleljo (now 6 characters long).
      Caution: Test this at low speeds (presentation of 1000 ms / letter) and then as a last modification, make presentation faster. Otherwise you might not see the repeated letter!
  4. Extra Challenge Problem: Write a program, viscolortable.m that:
    • Asks the user for a colormap and
    • allows the user to visualize it by displaying a series of patches (squares) with each of the colors in the colormap AND with the INDEX for that color printed within the respective color patch.