Session 9 Bonus Problem

  1. Write a program that presents two dots in the periphery (one in each hemisphere) at several SOAs (-4 refreshes, -2, -1, 0). IOW, the right dot might appear 4 refreshes before the left dot (or two or one) or they might appear at the same time (which dot appears first and at what SOA is to be determined randomly). The dots disappear at the same time after being in the screen for at least 100 ms.
    • USING THE KEYBOARD, ask the observer to report whether the right or left dot appeared first.
    • After the response, present an array of 7 boxes, labeled 1...7 on the screen. Ask the Observer to report the confidence on its rating in one of two ways:
      OPTION A: KEYBOARD + VISUAL FEEDBACK: Observer presses the correspoding number key (1-7) and that box is highlighted to a brighter color. (USE SWITCH STATEMENT).
      OPTION B: MOUSE: Observers use the mouse and clicks on the relevant box. Record that response. Ratings are: 1=very sure left dot appeared first, 2=quite sure left dot appeared first,3=inclination that perhaps left dot appeared first,4=cannot tell who appeared first, 5, 6,7 analogous to 3,2,1, respectively but for right dot).